Steering Group meeting – live blog

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The Windsor 2030 Steering Group is meeting this evening.

Notes from meeting:

  • Letter published in Windsor Express, resulted in increased traffic to website.
  • Facebook page now updated
  • Photography project now almost complete, meaning a full record of the neighbourhood now on Flickr. Will be used for public record, policy guidance and examples
  • First draft of policies due to be completed by Friday 11 September. Evidence base to be updated also. Review meeting in afternoon. Published on website on Monday
  • Guildhall Forum meeting for next week to be confirmed for Guildhall at 6.30 pm on Thursday. Open meeting, meaning that open to all residents and businesses in the neighbourhood
  • Forum meeting to be publicised, to include flyer, potential stall at night market and letter to Observer

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On 08/09/2015

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