Royal Wedding

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After the success of Prince Harry and Megan’s 5-star wedding in Royal Windsor, the Windsor 2030 Neighbourhood Plan is once again taking up the reins of ensuring a 5-star town for residents, workers, businesses and visitors.

The key players in Windsor town centre’s neighbourhood plan were central to the planning and delivery of the royal wedding so this month (June) is our first meeting in a while.

The Windsor Royal Shopping Centre Manager, Sue Watts (who is also the Chair of Windsor 2030), said:

Windsor can be very proud of how the whole town came together to make a magical atmosphere. This is a special thank you to all the staff in every shop, business and service who did so much extra work to make it all happen and to make us all so proud of Windsor.

The amazing atmosphere of the big day sent out a message to the 2 billion people who watched it on TV around the world that Windsor is a 5 star destination for romance, history, pageantry and celebration. We look forward to welcoming them in person.

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On 12/06/2018

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