• Some parts of Windsor are beautiful.

    Let’s make it better still

  • But nobody comes here to see glass and steel blocks.


    Our heritage is important


    Business and residential

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    Windsor 2030.


    A neighbourhood plan led by local business people and residents

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Our vision sets out what we are trying to achieve as a neighbourhood forum, which we've summarised into three main headings. The work of the forum is to develop this into a neighbourhood plan for regenerating Windsor based on evidence from the community.

  • Five Star Windsor

    Five Star Windsor is how we describe the end-to-end experience that we want everybody who uses Windsor to enjoy. This includes the quality of shops, business facilities, leisure and public facilities.

  • Heritage

    Windsor’s heritage is one of its most important assets. This is true for businesses as much as for residents which is why it is important to preserve and enhance our area as much as we can.

  • Economic Growth

    Supporting economic growth is important. For Windsor this includes improving access for all, parking & transport, as well as ensuring the town is a place that businesses want to stay.

Steering group

The steering group meets weekly and is made up of the people who are responsible for delivering the vision of the neighbourhood forum. The main officers are listed here

  • Sue Watts Dip SCM


    Sue is the Shopping Centre Manager at the Royal Windsor Shopping Centre. She is a long-time supporter of the town, being a leading member of both the Chamber of Commerce and the Town Partnership.

  • Paul Roach


    Paul has been the Windsor Town Centre Manager for over ten. years. He works for the Windsor Town Partnership and has made a substantial contribution to the success of the town.


Latest news, comment and meetings

  • 16/05/2019 • News

    Spring update

    The W2030 Steering Group is meeting regularly to prepare the Draft Policy for consultation. While

News archive

Forum meetings

The next Forum will be arranged once documents are received from the council. Please check Facebook for updates.

This meeting is open to all registered members of the Windsor 2030 Forum. Anyone who works or lives within the plan boundary (see map) can apply to register (to do so please use the contact form below).
In addition, the steering group meets every fortnight. If you’d like to attend as an observer, have any ideas or comments you would like considered, please use the form below.

Consultation days

Thank you to all who came to our open evening.

The next public consultation will be on our draft policies. This is currently planned for later this year.

Other events

The next Windsor neighbourhood forum & AGM meeting (for the area outside central Windsor)

None currently scheduled.

Open to the public

Get in touch

This neighbourhood plan is recruited from all sections of society within the plan area, both business and resident. Although membership is now formally closed, please get in touch if you still wish to join or if you just have some ideas or feedback for us.

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