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The steering group met this morning in the Cinnamon Café. present were Dermot Whelan, Phil McMichael, Sue Watts, Paul Roach and Ian Jones, George Bathurst and Laura Rheiter.

They discussed the draft retail study done as part of the borough local plan which Windsor 2030 is feeding back on before publication. Windsor 2030 remains keen to ensure that the special nature of Windsor is recognised, including its challenges and opportunities. This could include the return of a department store. The action was taken for Gooch Cunliffe Whale to write on Windsor 2030’s behalf to prospective stores.

Ian Jones, who is Treasurer, will also now take up responsibility for this website With the departure of Jutta and Amanda, who have both left Windsor, we are looking for new steering group members.

We have £17,250 in the bank account.

The next Forum meeting will be Thursday 4 June at 6.30 pm. This meeting will be an important for reviewing the groups’s emerging policies for the plan.

The next steering group will be in a fortnight.

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On 28/04/2015

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