Windsor 2030 survey results

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The Windsor 2030 survey is now closed.

Please click below for the raw results.  Note that these are yet to be analysed for statistical significance, sample bias or correlations so any conclusions drawn should be treated tentatively.

However, at first glance, it does seem that ‘preserving our heritage’, ‘retail mix’ and ‘attractive architecture’ are emerging as the key priorities for improvement. Public parks and outdoor areas and independent brands also scored highly.  Collectively these could be described as ‘ambiance’.  It is a good fit with what Windsor 2030 has called ‘five star Windsor’, validating this objective as well as the ‘heritage’ objective.

Also emerging as priorities are car parking and ‘making it easier to get here’.  The last could be regarded as surprising given that many respondents live here but on the other hand they also clearly suffer the same jams and frustrations with parking.  This would also appear to suggest that the proposed transport objective is also in-line with respondents’ wishes.

Less popular for improvement was ‘top brands’, perhaps reflecting Windsor’s attraction as a more traditional shopping centre, that people don’t want it to become just another retail outlet or to try to compete with larger places such as Reading.  Coming last was ‘shops for people on a budget’.  However, it should be noted that even though this is less popular it still didn’t score zero and that the difference between the most popular and least popular options was relatively small, suggesting that people want a balanced approach to the town.

Also worth a read are the free text comments. The unprompted themes emerging include:

  • Improving the riverside area
  • Better rail services/supporting WLR (12 comments); against WLR (3 comments)
  • Parking/park-n-ride
  • Quality/type of shops
  • Nightlife (abolish or improve)
  • Cycling
  • Road and pavement surfaces

There seemed a reasonable mix of resident and non-resident responses but a slight bias in the number of male vs female respondents, which may affect the above results when adjusted for. A good proportion of younger respondents was also achieved.

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On 13/12/2014

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